Broken Appointments

We are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible for our patients. We want to give our patients the time and INDIVIDUAL attention they deserve.

In a sincere effort to acknowledge the importance of each patient’s time, and to remain on time during our schedule, we must ask you to ARRIVE ON TIME FOR YOUR RESERVED APPOINTMENT. This allows us to be able to see all of our patients that are scheduled in a timely and efficient manner. When we reserve time for you, we require all of that time to provide you with the best quality dental work possible. When you are late, it decreases our ability to accomplish this. It also affects other patients that have reserved appointments that same day.

Our office will attempt to contact you to confirm your dental appointment via text, email and/or phone. We ask that you confirm your reserved appointment at least 24 business hours in advance.


If you need to change your reserved appointment time, we request 24 business hours advance notice. This allows us adequate time to fill this available appointment with other patients waiting for treatment. Changes without a 24 business hour notice will be subject to a $75 broken appointment fee.


An appointment is considered to be broken if any of the following occur:

  • The patient fails to appear for the appointment
  • The patient arrives more than 15 minutes late for the reserved appointment
  • The patient changes their reserved appointment time with less than 24 business hours notice.


Repeated broken appointments could result in the refusal of any further appointments with our office.