Our Philosophy

These are the principles that are important to us:

Compassion – Dr. Phelps is a loving mother of four and is dedicated to treating your child just like she would her own. We are gentle and understanding, and we listen. Your child will experience true kindness and patience during their visit.

Kid-Friendly Education – We make things fun at our practice–including education. It’s important to us that your child has a firm understanding of oral hygiene maintenance. We take the time to teach and answer questions to provide your child with the knowledge they need for a healthier

A Positive Experience – Our friendly team creates a warm, comfortable and fun environment for your child. Dr. Phelps is known for her ability to help children feel at ease. Your child’s experience will run smoothly, and it will be customized to their unique personality and needs. We want them to have positive memories of the dentist for years to come!

Overall Health – Dr. Phelps is a Harvard Dental School graduate who takes her job very seriously.  We look at the big picture. We are mindful of the vital role we play in children’s lives, setting them on the right track for lasting oral and whole-body health. Taking a preventive approach, Dr. Phelps and her team are truly invested in your child’s healthy life.

If these are principles and qualities that you would like for your child, call Dr. Phelps’ office today! We are dedicated to providing you with the best service for years to come!